We are available for consultation as you plan your exhibit or design your architectural structure.

Drafting, Design & Engineering

We offer complete design services. You only provide the parameters of your project and we do the math in between. Models, mock-ups and 3D renderings are available to facilitate projects. TFS Design offers full drafts of your project before any work is started. Only until our drafts meet with your ultimate approval do we start to make your vision a reality.

Design Options


Starting with the best materials, we do all metal and sewing work in-house for quality control. Our workshop is fully equipped to meet your needs in tension fabric.

Using swaged tubing, shock cords and snap buttons throughout the structure means each section unfolds to your exact specifications straight out of the box. Assembly is easy, and tools are never needed.


To better serve your needs, TFS Design is available for personal delivery and installation.

TFS Design also provides services for the dismantling and removal of your temporary structures.


  • Trusses and Harnesses | A truss or harness can be built to the exact specifications of your tension fabric structure.
  • Transport Cases | We offer you standardized or custom-shaped cases for your convenience in transporting, shipping and storing your tension fabric structures.

Delivery and Shipping

To enable easy shipping, we calculate the ratio of bracing needed to the overall size so the unit can be folded to the smallest possible size. Because our tension fabric structures are collapsable and lightweight, shipping by mail or courier service is very cost-effective.


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