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Tension fabric is used in

  • temporary design structures
  • permanent architectural structures
  • trade show and gallery exhibits
  • retail and a multitude of other environments

Tension fabric structures are

  • ideal for dramatic color and lighting effects
  • useful in managing noise levels and sound projection
  • easy to erect and dissemble
  • transportable and shippable
  • storable and reusable


What are Tension Fabric Structures?

Tension Fabric Structures (TFS) can be manipulated by designers and architects to meet their specific needs for any given environment. We build a light-weight aluminum frame based on your parameters then sew a nylon or spandex skin that stretches tightly around the frame.

Structures of any shape and size can be built— flat or curved panels, globes, funnels, frustums, pyramids, spirals, cubes, polygons, tubes, arches— ANY shape that provides the visual punch and functionality you need. Tension fabric frames can be built to stand freely, hang from an overhead harness or attach permanently to an architectural structure. The possibilities are endless!

TFS is for Architects

You have sculptural and lighting possibilities that can be used to add character to an environment or hide eyesores such as overhead pipes and electrical wiring. The simple act of placing a colored nylon panel in front of a fluorescent light bank will wash the illuminated area in colored hues. Yet you still have the opportunity to bend, shape or fold this medium to suit your needs in any particular environment.

Design a self-standing illuminated tower thirty feet tall or one small panel to show a client. Don't settle for the status quo when faced with decorating large open spaces. You have the choice to design a modern and functional art form that complements your best-laid plans. We'll take care of the rest.

TFS is for Exhibit Designers

There is no design limit. The inherent flexibility of the art of tension fabric sculpture can help you break the grip of standard overhead signage. Take a company logo and turn it into a three-dimensional masterpiece. Or create a walk-through exhibit that doesn't weigh a thousand pounds. Our structures are easy to assemble and take down, convenient to transport, and inexpensive to ship— valuble features when you need an exhibit to use again and again.

TFS is for Everybody!

If you need an estimate or would like to discuss using tension fabric structures in your project, or have just questions about TFS in general, don't hesitate to contact us.

We hope you find our web site informative and exciting! Don't miss our Projects pages to see photos of our work in tension fabric. Thanks for visiting!


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